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United States And FDA Ask For Public Opinion Regarding Cannabis

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By Justin Landers
The United States and FDA have asked for public opinion regarding cannabis for international drug scheduling. Here’s what that means.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended to the United Nations (UN) that they reschedule the entire cannabis plant, and it’s derived products. As such, the United Nations is expected to vote on this recommendation in regards to the 1961 UN drug treaty, as well as the 1971 drug treaty.

With regards to CBD, the WHO clarified that CBD is non-intoxicating, has continued medical value, should continue to be studied, and falls under no current restrictions at all. WHO also reported CBD has no significant side effects and is non-habit forming. The organization confirmed CBD is safe for anyone to use, and has been shown to help treatment-resistant and early onset diseases, reaffirming its ability to fight seizures.

The recommendations from the WHO are to remove, or reschedule, the drug under these two treaties. Technically, under UN law, legalizing cannabis at a federal level would still be restricted in this measure; however this has not stopped many countries. Last year, Canada became the second nation, behind Uruguay, to legalize cannabis. Uruguay legalized cannabis as a nation in 2013, defying UN law.

Even here in the United States, states continue legalizing recreational or medical cannabis. To date, 10 states, and Washington D.C now have recreational marijuana, with 33 states and Washington D.C having medical cannabis laws. There are also multiple laws in the federal level currently being pushed, with some organizations being hopeful that this UN change could be the final domino.

The public currently has until 3/14/2019 to submit comments and reviews to the FDA. Should you feel passionately about this issue, you can learn more here. A change in this UN law could have a ripple effect on the laws here in the United States, as well as abroad. If the UN pushes the vote, public comment could be reopened.

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