The First (and Last) CBD Product Guide Of Your Life

We’ve talked about the goodness of CBD, and you get it. You’re smart and well-read and believe in helping people. That’s cool, we do too. Part of the Maku philosophy is to spread harmony, and we believe that helping you make educated decisions is the start of a more harmonious life.

Maku is releasing some new products, and we don’t want you to get confused. Knowing which products to go for is the difference between experiencing the benefits of CBD and experiencing defeat. We are going to inform you until you’re smart(er)!

Maku is releasing new CBD products.

Soon to be hitting the market is a whole slew of products for your consideration: CBD gummy candies, softgels, and vaporizers. WHEW that’s a lot of new stuff! But don’t get overwhelmed, I am going to be your guide and walk you through these new products. Everything that follows is because of a vital concept when discussing medications: bioavailability.


To understand why there are so many different methods for taking CBD, first, you must get the concept of bioavailability. Bioavailability is an important concept, as it refers to how much CBD your body gets.

When you take a drug, your body breaks some of it down. Your body is a complex chemical soup, and when you ingest any drug, from Cannabis to CBD to Advil, some parts of the drug get turned into non-medicinal compounds. While this is a safe and natural process, bioavailability refers to the percent of the drug you take that actually reaches the bloodstream. In layman's terms: the higher bioavailability, the more of the drug gets to do its thing in your body.

The different ways you consume CBD affect how much CBD enters your blood and gets to where it needs to go.

Unless you take a drug through an IV, you are going to lose some percentage of the CBD you just took. 

1. Vapes have the highest bioavailability.

It is easier for a vapor to get to the bloodstream, and the already-tiny size of the CBD particles you just inhaled make them interact with your body much faster. Vapes are also simple devices: you set a temperature on the device, and then press a button on the device when ready to use. When the device runs out of juice, you open it up and refill it with liquid. It is an easy process, I promise. And you can carry a vape around with you in your pocket or purse or jacket, and take a puff whenever you feel pain or anxiety. On average, a vape will provide you with 50% or more of the consumed dose.

Vapes are best when dealing with chronic conditions. On top of having the highest bioavailability, vapes are very easy to use and fairly low-maintenance. Vapes are also designed to be portable, so whenever you have a symptom flare-up, you can quickly vape some CBD and feel better quickly. The biggest issue with vapes is that there isn’t a way to figure out dosage.

Maku is releasing two vape pens! Our single-use vape pens will be flavored in strawberry lemonade, and the all-natural CBD taste. Tasty, portable, easy, and arriving mid-August!

2. Oral consumption gives the lowest bioavailability. 

When you eat something, enzymes in your saliva immediately begin breaking it down, and your teeth mash it into smaller pieces. After that it goes to your stomach and gets digested. In general, eating CBD has bioavailability between 4% and 20%.1 Gummies are great for low-key, low doses of CBD. A softgel or capsule has similar issues with gummies; even though a softgel will make it through the mouth the stomach will still digest it and you only get a fraction of the dose (around 25%). 

Despite their medical shortcomings, there are a few benefits of gummies and softgels. They are both small, so if you need to take one in a public setting it is not a big deal. They both taste much better than the very strong, earthy taste of CBD tinctures. Gummies and softgels are also very consistent: whereas a vape does not have consistent dosage and a tincture might take multiple droppers to figure out, gummies and softgels are very easy to consume and measure to figure out a good dosage.

Maku will be releasing softgels and gummy candies simultaneously, also around mid-August. That’s right, Maku is doubling its store! Adding gummies, softgels, and vapes to our line of oils will give you, the customer, even more ways to experiment with CBD and find which products are right for your health and well-being.

3. Sublinguals offer higher bioavailability than oral consumption, but less than vaping.

Under the tongue is a gland, called the sublingual gland. Putting CBD oil on that gland will help it reach the bloodstream since only enzymes in the mouth will break it down. As such, sublingual methods (oils, lozenges) have a higher average bioavailability of up to 35%.

Oils are the most popular form of CBD consumption, and despite the shortcomings of oils they will continue to be released to the market.

4. Topical CBD products won’t ever reach the bloodstream, but will be absorbed by the skin to get to the CB1 receptors.

What this means is that CBD absorbed through the skin will have an effect, and is why topical CBD products exist. The metric of bioavailability does not apply to topical products. 

Maku does not currently have plans for a line of topical products. This does not mean that we won’t release creams and lotions and balms in the future, it just means that it is not on Maku’s short-term agenda.

We also have a CBD dosing guide in case you need assistance figuring out how much CBD to consume. A good experience depends on you!  Be smart, be responsible, and as always, spread harmony.


-- Jacob Greenberg