Oh No! My Dog Ate My Edibles

By Lisa Mae
Oh no! My dog ate my edibles one day while I was at work, and here's how I handled it. Fear not, time passes. 

After years of enjoying cannabis and consuming infused products, it happened.

My dog ate my edibles.

I’m not talking just a little bit, either. She ate A LOT of my edibles.

It wasn’t fun for either of us, but fear not, she is just fine. Just like if a human consumes too much, pets will be okay after a period of time.

The best thing to do is to not panic and wait it out.

After a vacation, I thoughtlessly left a bag within a bag on the floor. I hurried off to work and completely forgot about its contents. Around lunchtime my dog walker checked in with me, like she does every day, except today it was one word: EMERGENCY. She asked if I knew what was in a now-empty Ziploc.

Oh, I knew.

About 200 mg of infused gummies.

I hurried home after my boss gave me his blessing — he had been here before as well. For reference, I consume about 20-50 mg.

My dog is a fairly large German shepherd mix, and has gotten into things she shouldn’t have before. Once she ate all of my Valentine’s Day chocolates. So, I knew how to induce vomiting and what toxicity signs to look out for. She had already vomited, but there was no way to tell when she consumed the edibles. I leave for work very early, so it could have been anywhere in a six hour span.

The scene was not pretty. 

She was shaky, having a hard time standing, and twitching. Once I sat with her she calmed down, and eventually I was able to get her outside. I had to support her down the stairs, but at least she got down without me having to carry her.

Once outside, she did her business and we climbed back up to our apartment. I monitored her breathing and her heart rate, ready to sprint to the vet if either faltered. She mostly slept next to me on the floor and wasn’t interested in food or water.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — why didn’t you go straight to the vet?!

The thing that’s great about cannabis: you cannot OD on it.

You can take too much and get very, very uncomfortable. You may even think you’re a goner, but it won’t happen.

I live and work in the Colorado cannabis industry and have heard tale after tale of tourists checking themselves into the ER after taking too much, much to the doctor’s and nurse’s annoyance. All they do is hook these folks up to IVs and wait for it to clear their system.

Because of that, recreational edibles are sold in very small increments and dispensaries give a thorough talk to all consumers: start small, wait an hour, see how you feel.

With this knowledge, I knew my dog would be okay. And sure enough the next morning she was back to her high-energy self.

We both learned a valuable lesson, and I will be careful where I store my cannabis products from now on.

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