Lady Magu - Cannabis And The Immortal Spirit Of Harmony

By Jillian Taylor
The modern understanding of cannabis as a healing agent has roots in ancient Eastern culture, with Lady Magu, a spirit of harmony and vitality.

As old as civilization itself: the evidence that the seeds of medicinal herbs have fertilized the soil of our planet. And while the cultivation of these herbs has progressed from ancient times to modern day, none is perhaps shrouded in more controversy than cannabis.

With a history rooted in the art of healing and harmonizing the body, it’s only in modern times that this plant came to be associated with havoc and harm.

But history has a way of repeating itself. Thanks to modern science and a lot of open minds, the true nature of the cannabis plant is finally outshining a manufactured cloud of deception.

Cultivated by a culture founded in achieving accord with nature, it is of little surprise that Chinese scholars and followers of Taoism have preserved the mythology of the goddess Magu, an immortal guardian of the cannabis plant.

Represented as a vibrant, beautiful, young woman with birdlike fingernails, Magu is associated with the elixir of life — a miraculous medicinal solution recorded in many ancient civilizations around the globe.

She is also known in other countries around the world. In Korea she is called Mago, and in Japan she is known as Mako. They even have a saying there that “Magu scratches the itch,” which may be a reference to her crane-like fingernails, if not more.

Legends also associate her with powerful magic that is capable of casting aside winter in favor of spring. Lady Magu is believed to have grown a vibrant peach tree from a stone seedling, and when the fruit was discovered to have medicinal powers, she freely distributed it to those in need. There are many other tales, which tell of her serving as a protector of women and the sick, sharing with them her knowledge of healing.

As scientific research continues to strengthen claims that certain cannabinoids (chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant) positively impact the body’s vitality, perhaps it is fitting that Magu is also known as the guardian of maintaining vitality in nature.

Even to this day, because of her association with beauty and long life, she appears on birthday cards throughout China. Often, in these cards, she’s depicted with a bottle of wine, and a hemp basket filled with her famous peaches.

The name Magu has often been translated as “hemp,” causing some to ask which came first: the legendary goddess or the plant?

Though we cannot say for certain whether the hemp maiden is a tale based upon fact or fancy, the simple essence of her being continues to speak through the mouthpiece of modern science. It builds bridges of harmony between humanity and this ancient medicinal herb, cannabis.

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