Introducing Maku Monthly - Routine Relief Just Got Easier

Routine is key when approaching self-care with CBD hemp. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Maku Monthly, so you experience easier access to regular relief and 20% savings just for being dedicated to your own well-being. At Maku, we’re all about taking control of wellness and empowering self-care through premium, effective and affordable CBD hemp. Our monthly membership is a way to simplify and encourage on your journey to feel better more often.

By subscribing to Maku Monthly, you unlock members-only savings of 20% off your monthly product, as well as any 20% savings on any Maku products you may decide to try in addition to that. Not sure how much oil to take? It’s now easier than ever to try CBD Vegan Gummies or Capsules for more convenient and controlled dosing. Have a friend who’s new to CBD? Get 20% off the CBD Starter Pack as a gift. Personalize while you save on premium CBD hemp products.

As a member, you can choose what you want, when you want it. You have full control of your account including your delivery schedule. Easily skip a month or cancel anytime. We send delivery reminders so you can customize your experience. Intake frequency and dose are unique to each person and we understand, it takes time to discover what’s best for you! Let us know if you need more time between shipments. As mentioned, you’re in control.

In addition to the core 20% savings, Maku Monthly members get access to exclusive offers and first-access to new items. You will be the first to know when we launch a new product. We want our most dedicated customers to experience first what’s at the fore-front of CBD wellness at Maku. We’re on a mission to give you better access and savings, so you can keep up your self-care routine.

Plant your future with care and a regular CBD hemp routine. Maku Monthly will help you on your journey. Select your favorite Maku product and ‘Become Member’ at checkout.