4 CBD Recipes To Try This Summer

Here are four CBD recipes that everyone should try this summer. Your tastebuds deserve it.

Ah summer. The season that humans of all ages pine for. Warm weather, beaches, refreshing beverages, and backyard barbecues — just a few of the things that come to mind when thinking about the season of sunshine.

Where you live probably dictates the thoughts that summer conjures up. For Denver, it’s mountain trail hikes, Red Rocks, and camping under the stars; for Chicago, it’s hot dogs, neighborhood block parties, and 27 miles of beaches stretched along the lakefront; for the Florida Keys, it’s lobster season and diving clear blue waters.

While summer experiences vary from person to person, one constant is the rightful place that food has in them.

For me personally, I can still recall the smells of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on a warm afternoon anchored to the sandbar back home. The simplicity of a grilled dog on a fresh bun layered with mustard and relish is a thing of beauty.

Everyone has their fixtures.

Enter 2019: the year when cannabidiol, better known as CBD, became a fixture across mainstream America. Thanks to advancement in cannabis legislation, CBD’s lengthy list of benefits have finally permeated society. CBD is now popping up in health food stores, pharmacies, and even making its debut on menus in restaurants and bars across the country.

And with Summer 2019 right around the corner, your going to see more of this CBD + food combo near you.

But why not bring CBD to your backyard with some homemade recipes that are equally delicious and therapeutic? Not only does infusing food with CBD provide for a relief of anxiety, but it also aids in healthy digestion.

If the sound of that interests you, we’ve got you covered! We’ve dipped into our own Chef Dale’s catalog and pulled out four CBD recipes worth trying this summer.

1. CBD Hot Wings Recipe

Not going to lie, these CBD hot wings are something we’d crush any day, any season. Tailgates, holiday parties, regular-old dinner … you name it, these will quench your hunger with fantastic flavor. But when we’re talking the grill option for this recipe, there is no better time than summertime.

A little spice and a little chill wrapped up into one finger lickin’ good dish that’s super versatile no matter the occasion.

Make it: CBD hot wings recipe

2. CBD Chia Pudding Recipe

Looking for a new superfood snack to stick in your food rotation for summer? Look no further than our CBD Chia Pudding Recipe.

It’s easy to make, easy to take with, and easy to alter to exactly what your palate is craving. Shaved coconut, cocoa powder, matcha, or any other flavor you think of can be added to this dish.

Eat it for breakfast, as a midday snack, or after-dinner treat to quench that sweet tooth desire.

Make it: CBD chia pudding recipe

3. CBD-Infused Guacamole Recipe

Seriously, is there anything better than a fresh bowl of guacamole on a summer afternoon? Guac is refreshing, healthy, and delicious. And once you add in some CBD oil, it’s only that much better.

This recipe is stacked with great nutrients for the body. Avocados provide healthy fats for the heart, garlic boosts the immune system, cilantro carries antioxidants, and CBD oil helps to elevate all of the aforementioned when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Make it: CBD-infused guacamole recipe

4. CBD Chimichurri Sauce

This CBD chimichurri sauce is a crazy versatile sauce that can be used on meat and veggies alike. Try marinating and grilling fresh fish with it and up the ante for your tastebuds, or coat fresh grilled veggies with it - carrots, Brussels sprouts, onions, and turnips all work great.

A good one-two punch for your next dinner would be the CBD-infused guacamole above to start, and CBD chimichurri skirt steaks as the main course.

Make it: CBD chimichurri sauce recipe

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