Why CBD Oil Is The Purest Way To Consume CBD

By Lisa Mae
Wondering what the purest way is to consume CBD? In this article, cannabis expert Lisa Mae examines why CBD oil is the top choice.

Oils, or elixirs, don’t get as much press as the more traditional ways to consume cannabis. Everyone is familiar with a joint or a blunt, and even dabs (concentrates) are more mainstream. All of these methods require a flame to ignite and ingest cannabis, and anything that requires combustion will create carcinogens in the lungs. Even the process of making concentrates requires butane extraction, and therefore a loss of at least a few health benefits of consuming raw cannabis.

Making and consuming oil doesn’t require any level of heating, so it is the purest way to assure you are getting all of the benefits of cannabis. When it comes to this creation, there are two popular ways to make CBD oil: C02 extraction and ethanol.

CO2 extraction — which is how Maku creates its full spectrum hemp CBD oil —runs at about 90% efficiency to isolate cannabinoids. This method is great because it enables you to acutely control both pressure and temperature during extraction.

Oils made with high grade alcohol or ethanol are sometimes called the “moonshine” of weed. This method is effective at breaking down both the basic and acidic components of plant matter, yielding more of the benefits that come from consuming the cannabis plant without losing anything due to heat or combustion — which occurs when vaping or smoking cannabis.

Beyond CO2 and alcohol extraction, other solvents like vinegar and glycerin can be used. However, they are not as effective at keeping the product in its purest possible form. 

Dosage is much easier to manage with CBD oils as well. When you hit a joint or consume a dab you don’t always know how much you’re getting.

Should you finish the whole joint? Do a giant or a small dab? Wait and see?

With oils you know exactly what dosage you’re getting, which is great for the inexperienced consumer. As always, it is best to start small and see how you feel.

Oils also are more discreet and store better than alternatives. If there’s any reluctance or desire to keep your ritual to yourself, it’s as easy as mixing the dosage in your coffee or tea.

To avoid potential loss due to stomach acids and digestion, the best way to consume CBD oil is by placing drops under the tongue. There, it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, and you should feel the effects within 15 minutes (time varies based on each individual). When taking CBD oil this way, it’s better not swallow, but rather allow the elixir to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

It is important to remember that with oils you are likely consuming a higher dose than you would vaping or smoking cannabis. Err on the side of caution and start small. You can always take more, but you can’t always take less.

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