CBD & Muscle Pain: Providing Topical Relief For Sore Spots

By Justin Landers
CBD's anti-inflammatory properties make it a wonderful natural solution for muscle pain relief.

When was the last time you got a massage?

Or the last time you saw a chiropractor?

How about the last time you heard a muscle pop when you weren’t expecting it?

If you are anything like me that was … now … and there … and OUCH! I am never not hurt. I’m never not stretching, or popping a joint or cracking this limb or that. Dating a massage therapist just about ruined my love life for anyone else after.

But there was one other thing that changed my life when it came to aches and pains: cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD can benefit a lot of medical conditions. We’ve discussed how it can help with sleep, and PTSD, and digestion. But what about those everyday aches and pains? Turns out CBD can be of use here, as well.

CBD can help with inflammation in the muscles and joints through ingestion. The non-psychological compound works on the CB1 and CB2 receptors to help with sore and swollen parts of the body. Adding CBD to your daily routine, or some of your favorite recipes, can help with joint pain. It’s also a great addition to post-workout routines to ease sore muscles.

CBD oils, salves, and creams have become more and more popular for everyday use. Often times these products may also include aloe, menthol, or other compounds that are extremely healthy for the skin. By using CBD topically there is no need to metabolize the cannabinoid as with ingested products.

Going back to the massage therapist mentioned earlier, I asked a few massage therapists their thoughts on utilizing CBD, whether that be in oil, salve or cream form. The results across the board were that cannabidiol is a wonderful solution. The CBD helps therapists work longer by relieving some of the aches and pains they feel in their hands as they massage clients’ backs and shoulders.

Anyone who has given a massage for just a few moments knows how tiring that can be. Imagine doing that full time? The CBD is just as beneficial to the therapists as it is their clients. Creams, salves, and oils can be applied directly to the sore spot for a quicker relief and a more direct approach.

In addition to its ability to relieve muscle pain, CBD also provides numerous other fantastic skincare benefits when applied topically, including anti-aging and soothing of skin diseases. 

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