CBD Infused Tea - The Power Of A Restorative Ritual

By Jillian Taylor
Self-care takes many forms, yet it is something we often ignore. In this article, see how a daily ritual of making CBD infused tea has brought a calm to author Jillian Taylor’s busy life.

This time of a new year is always a hopeful time, as we celebrate new beginnings around the world. Granting us the opportunity to literally mark our calendars and say, “Now is the time!” To set new goals and resolve to stick with them. To set intentions for a healthier lifestyle, better organization and more quality time with friends and family. Or to finally take that trip or learn that new skill.

As we wait out the winter, this is the time of year to better ourselves.

And yet, there is an element to these expectations that can also seem daunting. What if, despite our best efforts to elevate the quality of our lives, we fail to see all of our goals come to fruition? For a long time, I judged the quality of my success and failure by how many things I could say I checked off a list that year.

Though, as I prepared to bid farewell to 2018, going through my usual routine of assessing all my woulds and shoulds, I decided to approach the idea of resolutions in a new way.

I had been trying to squeeze so many things onto my already full schedule, that I was multitasking my way toward sleepless nights. What I really needed was to prioritize. A bit of soul-searching told me that what I craved more than another expectation was to allow myself a set time each day to just be. To embrace what is.

I needed a restorative ritual. Something created for no other purpose than to restore my sense of well-being. Different than routines, which are often performed out of necessity, a ritual is thought-out and performed with intent.

I decided to reinvent a ritual that I had gotten away from since returning from university in the UK. Something that made me happy. Something I looked forward to.

My personal ritual would be a daily ceremonial tea.

But unlike my afternoon teas with friends, there would be no tray of little sandwiches or cakes. Instead, there would be the simple sound of silence, mindfulness, a brass kettle and an individual cup.

In my tea ceremony I’m committed to being in the moment from preparation to clean up. I actually sit and enjoy the act of waiting for the steam to rise. As I pour the water over my favorite tea, which is infused with CBD oil, I take in the colors of the steeping leaves. I breathe in the herbal scents. Patiently, I allow it the sixty seconds to brew.

The taste of the tea infused with my Full Spectrum CBD Oil is pleasant, nutty and earthy. Within minutes, I am simultaneously lifted up and settled down. I embrace the tea and CBD benefits rolling over my body. As my mind relaxes, I hand wash and dry my cup and kettle ready to start my day.

Different from my tasks and resolutions, my ritual reminds me to be accountable to myself. This alone time, where I connect within, is grounding. Surprisingly, it makes my other alone time less lonely.

If you find your schedule overtaking your ability to enjoy life, perhaps it’s time to create a restorative ritual of your very own. Whether that’s a warm bath, a walk with nature, journaling, or some other form of relaxation, find your sense of purpose.

This life is beautiful. Embrace it, and share a restorative ritual that brings harmony and balance to your inner self.

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