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CBD-Infused Old Fashioned Recipe

cbd infused old fashioned
By Chef Dale Ascough
This CBD-infused old fashioned recipe with a cherry twist is the perfect drink for any situation. Here's how to make it.

This beverage is a recent addition to my arsenal. I have always loved whiskey and bourbon, but as other drinks found their way into the rotation it seems that less attention was given to my beloved brown liquid friends.

However, when this drink came into the fold it rekindled the fires of love and now my beloved duo are back in their rightful place.

Every now and again, it takes a special experience to ignite the fire of creativity and the passion of pursuit. My family and I were attending a cake tasting for my oldest daughter’s wedding and happened to be in a part of town that we don’t frequent too often.

After finishing, my daughter suggested we dine at Rusteak. Now, for those unfamiliar, this is a great little restaurant near Orlando, and we really enjoyed our meal. But the highlight of the night was an amazing black cherry old fashioned.

So, of course I asked for the recipe.

Surprisingly, the bartender shared but it came with an obstacle. Some of the ingredients are only available through distribution.


From there, the challenge really began: recreating this amazing drink with ingredients available to the everyday shopper. After some searching and trial and horror, I was able to recreate my experience.

As with most things these days, I also infused it with hemp CBD oil, which took it from already delicious to outstanding!

I can’t wait for you to try this and share it with friends.

CBD-Infused Old Fashioned Ingredients

  • 20 drops (2 dashes) Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 1 inch fresh cut orange peel twist
  • ¾ oz black cherry juice (from the Badda Bing cherries)
  • 1.5 oz Old Forester bourbon*
  • 2 Bada Bing cherries (or more if you like - these little suckers are freaking awesome)
  • 3 oz McKenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider (you can find it at Total Wine)
  • 20 drops Maku hemp CBD oil
  • 1 large ice cube (ok, not essential as a handful of regular ice would do but it’s a nice touch)

* You can also use whiskey like Gentleman Jack or if your tripping over a stack of cash, I might suggest my favorite sipping bourbon, Angle’s Envy, but some might feel it is a waste to use such an amazing bourbon on flavored drinks.

CBD-Infused Old Fashioned Directions

  1. Grab a rocks glass and combine all ingredients except the cider.
  2. Slowly pour cider over iced ingredients.
  3. Give cider one stir with a spoon — you want to mix without eliminating all the effervescence of the drink.
  4. Ok, your ready to go. Drink up!

I love this drink after work. I love this drink by the pool. I love this drink by the fire. I just love this drink!

It's refreshing, relaxing, and just what's needed to keep the good times rolling.

Also: some people ask me why the hemp CBD oil if there is alcohol in the drink. Isn’t the alcohol relaxing enough?

The simple answer is that both are good, and yet they work in different ways. Alcohol cannot activate the cannabinoid centers of the brain. If I had to choose one or the other, I would choose hemp CBD oil. That said, I have found this combination to be symbiotic in creating an amazing relaxing experience.

Give it a try and hopefully you will agree! And remember to spread harmony and love one another!

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