CBD In The Office

Did you know that you can take CBD during the workday? CBD oil, containing no psychoactive ingredients, is quick and easy to consume and starts working moments after consumption. Here are some of the ways that a few drops of golden goodness can get you through that midday hump, and keep you feeling well.


Do you type a lot? I personally type a ton. It’s not an uncommon occurrence in the Maku office space that the loudest sound, most readily heard throughout the vast, tiled room is the sound of me typing. I type quickly, I type hard, and I’m pretty sure my spacebar would scream if it was able to talk.

While my aggressive typing helps me focus, too much typing and my fingers cramp up. Playing games in the evening, and my wrist starts to hurt. It’s ok, it happens; the human hand was not meant to sit on a keyboard and input keystrokes all day. But nevertheless, I find myself having sporadic bursts of pain. Not intense, but enough to stop my workflow and take a break for a couple of minutes at a time. Taking CBD helps the cramping subside, so I can continue making my spacebar hate me.

Similarly, sitting down in a chair for hours on end is very bad for the neck and back, and in the afternoon that discomfort in your neck is a full-on crick, making you painfully aware of just how long you’ve been seated. And worst of all, you have two more hours to go until you can leave. How are you supposed to function like this?

Answer: you don’t. You take some Maku, wait a few minutes, and then get right back to it.


I’m about to say it! The D-word. It’s awful and terrible and symbolizes everything wrong in the universe. I hope you have prepared because here it is: deadline. It’s crunch mode and you have a literal bajillion lines of code to write in 72 hours. Your spreadsheet needs to be updated by the end of the day. Maybe your memo draft needs to be done within the hour. It really doesn’t matter, when you’re up against the clock. You feel it in your bones and your flesh and in your ever-pervasive stress. But fret not, for one of the main benefits of CBD is the stress relief. Take a few drops and continue working, and the lack of stress will help you focus on completing your task before your boss rounds the corner.

How ‘bout anxiety? It’s always there. You might think that a deadline causes anxiety, and you would be super right! But unfortunately, anxiety is also caused by difficult work assignments, interpersonal relationships, your sports teams losing, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, and if the universe feels like it. At least, that’s how pervasive and almost random anxiety is, unless you have a condition that makes your anxiety more consistent. In either case, some CBD oil helps keep the anxiety at bay so you can work more efficiently, and slay your tasks like an absolute beast of productivity.

How about that screen headache? I know I’m not the only one who gets slightly nauseous after staring at a screen for four or five hours straight, and I also know that when I need to be productive, a bout of nausea is not going to help me get my work done. Yes, a little bit of CBD placed under the tongue will help the nausea subside quickly.

The list goes on. Stub your toe? Or maybe your toe got run over by someone’s chair at work. Maybe you lifted a stack of papers and got a papercut. Maybe you’re super hungry and it’s after lunch and you still have an hour or two left on your shift. Maybe you touched some hot coffee and burned yourself. The point is that CBD consumption, applied topically or taken orally, is a great way to both deal with workplace cuts and scrapes and the daily stresses of work life.

Author: Jacob Greenberg