CBD Benefits For Dogs - Owners' Stories

By Lisa Mae
CBD benefits aren't just reserved for humans, as CBD is also great for pets. Here are stories from dog owners who have experienced those benefits.

Like any pet owner, I love my pets. I treat them like royalty when I can and make sure they are happy and provided for.

My dog, a German shepherd/collie mix, can be a handful at times, but she’s my best friend. She’s young, four years old, and has lots of energy. She’s perfect for Colorado; loves to hike for miles on end, swims all day, just has boundless energy. When we can’t make it to the mountains we go for runs around the city, visit the nearby dog park, or have a nice frisbee session.

But, sometimes the Colorado weather can be less than ideal and we are forced to stay inside for days at a time. What’s a responsible dog owner to do? An anxious dog is not a happy dog, after all.

We live near downtown Denver in a small studio apartment. Many would say it’s not an ideal place for a dog like her, and most times I would agree. She’s a rescue, though, and I’d argue any loving home is better than no home at all.

I am lucky to live in a state that allows me to have access to THC and CBD, cannabinoids that are linked to reducing anxiety, among a host of other benefits.

After hearing anecdotal success stories about managing all sorts of ailments in humans, I decided to try using tincture to help my dog’s anxiety.

I love playing with my dog and taking her on runs, but some days being outside is just not a possibility, and I want her to be happy, not anxious. I first tried a pure CBD tincture (no psychoactive effects) and gave her a very low dose. I monitored her for a couple hours and observed minimal effect. I tried a higher dosage the next time, but still not much had changed. She continued to pace and whine.

On my next visit to the dispensary I opted for a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. I didn’t want to try full THC — I am not trying to get my dog stoned! Again, I tried a very low dose; less than 2.5mg of each. For reference, 10-20 mg is the recommended dose for an inexperienced human. I usually opt for 25-50mg.

I was amazed at the results!

My high energy dog went from pacing to calmly laying on her bed, happy and content. She was still alert and able to be her usual self when we did go for a walk, and when we came back inside she again was calm yet alert. It made our evening stuck inside much more bearable.

While it took a more nuanced dosage of CBD with THC to help my specific dog’s anxiety, pure CBD tincture has worked wonders for numerous other dogs, especially ones in pain, or those that are aging.

About a year ago I spoke with a co-worker about his success in treating his elderly dog’s ailments with pure CBD tincture.

He had been giving his labrador CBD for years, starting at age 10. At 14 his lab was still energetic, chasing balls, and happy. Of course his energy began to decline, but he wasn’t in the pain that I remember my childhood dogs being in when they reached their golden years.

When I worked in a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver, one of my patients spoke to me about his 16-year-old beagle who was nearing the end. As expected, he was heartbroken over it, but he couldn’t stand to watch his elderly dog struggle to get to his feet anymore. He was facing the choice every pet owner must one day: do I put an end to his pain?

A fellow dog lover, my boss special ordered some CBD dog treats, and after a week of use he came back to let us know his beagle was back to life! He had 6 more months with his pup feeling happy and almost free of pain before the inevitable.

I met many people who benefitted from legal marijuana at that shop, but the story of that man and his beagle still gives me chills as an animal lover.

I am now dedicated to the fact that my own dog will be getting regular CBD when she is older to keep her comfortable and hiking by my side for years to come. She is my best friend, after all, and she deserves the best.

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