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Carl’s Jr.’s 4/20 Publicity Stunt Missed The Mark

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By Justin Landers
On 4/20, fast food chain Carl’s Jr. decided to sell “CBD burgers,” a patently obvious publicity stunt that flew in the face of CBD’s true benefits.

Carl’s Jr. has recently made the news throughout Denver, and Colorado as a whole. This past 4/20, a day celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts as we discussed here, a location in Denver decided to sell “CBD burgers.” This was a one day, one location event, that unfortunately didn’t play out as much more than a publicity stunt.

The advertisement for the burger read as follows: “The Rocky Mountain High CheeseBurger Delight features two beef patties, pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, waffle fries and about 5 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD extract in the chain’s Santa Fe Sauce.”

The burger was, wait for it, $4.20. How clever of them.

Through this statement you’ll first notice that the CBD was actually located in the sauce, not the burger. Also, the dosing was only five milligrams (mg) which is not even a full “dose.” Most CBD doses start at 25mg, and eating five burgers (what it would take to get up to 25mgs) is asking a lot of most people.

As if these problems with the burger were not enough, there’s no mention of how the CBD would be activated, the source of the CBD, or the original plant from which the CBD came.

This entire move by Carl’s Jr. sounded great at first. CBD, and really cannabis in general, needs more positive mainstream exposure, as its presence becomes more and more pronounced.

In most cases, any chance to put CBD in the eyes of the public is a good thing. Alas, this attempt fell short. Way short.

This attempt by a major food chain to sell CBD burgers gave false information to the public by making it sound as though five mg of CBD is a decent amount. Ultimately Carl’s Jr. pulled a publicity stunt, a big one, using just one of their locations in Colorado. There’s little more to it.

Edibles are a great source of taking in CBD and experiencing its many anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits. There’s a wealth of recipes, too, ranging from chocolate to guacamole to even hot wings.

One day we will likely see CBD-infused food in quick service restaurants. Hopefully when that time comes, there will be some real substance behind them.

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