The Best Ways To Take CBD

Written By: Lisa Mae
What are the best ways to take CBD? Well, there are many different methods, and each depends on the individual and the intended results. 

The short answer here is: the best way to ingest CBD is whatever method is best for the individual. Ultimately, you know, or you’ll learn, what works best for you.

You can get straight to the point with concentrates, such as with vape pens. There’s the traditional smoking of dried herb. And there’s consumption of pure concentrates like wax, shatter, rosin, etc. that deliver a concentrated dose immediately.

Then there’s transdermal methods: absorption into the bloodstream via skin contact, or salves that relieve muscle and joint pain.

And, of course you can simply eat it, via elixirs, like Maku's CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture, or consume it with food. Hemp itself is a super food and a great way to get vegetable protein. The long-term consumption of hemp has its own variety of health benefits.

But as with all cannabinoids, there is a chance you’ll build a tolerance. It’s a good rule of thumb to start small and work from there.

With regards to consumption, inhaling combustible materials is the least healthy way to take in any substance. It is harsh on the lungs and creates carcinogens. It also literally tends to burn away some healthy properties that you enjoy when consuming cannabis in a more pure form.

With smoking, you do get that instant relief. And for some people it is the best option.

Vaping is a bit less harsh on the lungs compared to lighting dried plant material. Vaping can also be much more convenient when you’re on the go or are concerned about smell that comes with traditional smoking.

Consuming elixir and hemp-derived foods may not have the same immediate effect inhaling it does, but the long-term benefits can be even greater.

Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory, and inflammation of the joints and muscles leads to a lot of chronic pain issues. Incorporating hemp-derived foods or CBD into your daily diet can help manage pain issues or prevent inflammation from happening in the first place.

For joint or site-specific pain, topicals and salves present another option for CBD use. For headaches, simply apply the salve to your temples. The same method can be used for cramps, muscle soreness, or aches and arthritis in joints — apply the topical to your afflicted area.

I recommend a multi-level approach of using all the above in your daily routine. Incorporate some CBD oil or hemp foods in your day, carry a vape pen for those stressful moments, and keep some salve on hand for aches and pains.

After some trial and error I was able to replace most of my over the counter pain meds and sleep aids with CBD products.

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