Quick Guide For The CBD Starter Pack

Eager to try CBD and don't know where to start? Try a starter pack.

By: Jacob Greenberg


What is the best way to take CBD? 

Is it a dropper of oil under your tongue? Maybe it is a puff from a vaporizer; or even better, an edible, infused with CBD oil? A topical cream? A softgel, taken like a pill? 

TRICK QUESTION! The best way to take CBD oil is whichever method works best for you, the user. The reader of this article. You and you alone are the master of your body, and only you can determine which methods are the most helpful. And that is why we at Maku are launching a $10 sample pack. Unlike other sample packs on the market, our sample pack contains multiple doses of different forms of CBD, so you can experience a few of the different ways to ingest CBD.

What is included

Our sample packs are designed with you in mind, and give you different ways to try Maku CBD products! Our sample packs include the following:

1 serving of Maku 2500mg tincture (84mg CBD)

3 servings of CBD gummies (30mg/serving, 1 gummy = 1 serving)

3 servings of gelatin capsules (30mg/serving, 1 capsule = 1 serving)

The cost

We also are slamming this out of the ballpark with a price point of $10. You read that right: $10. Seven servings of CBD, spread among three different products, all for $10. Best of all, our CBD is vapable! That’s right, you can put our oil inside your vape and smoke it. Our oil, your vape, sounds like a good time!

This is what it looks like when we want our customers to spread harmony amongst themselves. Our CBD, your harmony, your way.

Why a sample pack?

If you have not yet tried CBD products before, it can be a daunting prospect. You need to find a brand you can trust, one who isn’t trying to sell you faulty CBD products to make a quick buck. Once you have a company you wish to purchase from, you have a wide assortment of choices. Do you go for softgels or oils? Vaping might provide your body with the highest percentage of CBD, but then you have to go and buy a vaporizer. And what’s a good milligram amount to start with? Is the cheap 250 worth it, or should I spend more and go for a 500 or 1000mg product?

A sample product gives you the chance to cheaply try a variety of products. But, as is with the industry at large, most sample packs are overpriced and under-producted. After all, the whole point of buying a starter kit is to get a fair sampling of products, not to get a t-shirt! The actual cheapest price that we found for a starter kit was $35. That is a little more than half the price of a full bottle of Maku! The whole concept of a starter kit is that you, a starter in the world of CBD, want to experience CBD products before committing. This should speak for itself.

Ready to give our CBD Sample Pack a try? Click here