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5 Ways To Keep Focus While Gaming

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By Jacob Greenberg
One of the toughest parts of gaming — especially competitive gaming — is keeping focus. Here are five ways to help keep focus while gaming, so you can be the best around.

Show of hands: have you ever played a game competitively?

It could be an esport, where you compete in a digital arena like League of Legends or Counterstrike. Maybe you are a card gamer, trying to make a living playing poker or Magic: The Gathering. Or maybe it's not a tournament, but rather a ranked climb. Most online video games nowadays have a ranking system where you can try to be one of the best players in the world.

In gaming, like with anything else in life, being the best is stressful. Getting to the top … is stressful. Making it … is stressful. It takes a deep, intense focus, often for long periods of time, to hone your skills and abilities.

With that in mind, here are five tips to help maintain your focus and keep you on your game.

Stay Fresh

Fresh air and sunlight are a must. Large tournaments are often run in rounds, brackets, or pairings. Much of the time you will be playing, and much of the time you will be waiting.

When you have a few minutes, run outside!

Take a breath of fresh air. Get some sun. Vitamin D helps with cognition and information processing, and studies are testing Vitamin D’s ability to help with learning and memory retention.

And if you're not able to get outside, that's okay. Just put in some headphones or find a quiet area and take thirty seconds to yourself! You've earned it, and you must reset between games.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water. Younger people tend to caffeinate heavily, and it might be easier to hit a vending machine and get a soda, or head to Starbucks for some coffee. However, in a place where energy drinks abound, drink water.

Water helps your brain replenish resources from sweating. Water also has the lowest impact on urine, when your body is absorbing most of the water you consume.

Drinking some water (not a lot) between rounds will also help fight fatigue without any negative side effects or caffeine crashes.

Eliminate Hunger

Bring snacks, preferably nuts or protein bars. People don't perform efficiently or effectively when they are hungry, and if you are playing in a tournament for many hours, food can be a concern.

The food they sell at sporting events isn't usually very healthy or nutritious, but it is quite expensive. The same is doubly true for events that take place at convention centers, so come prepared.

Protein is best for providing energy during a long day, or to replenish a brain or body that has been rapidly expending internal resources.

In conclusion, bring snacks!


Take some CBD. Be mindful that you probably don't want to take too much and get sleepy, but a small amount of CBD to help mitigate stress can keep you thinking clearly.

CBD also regulates appetite, so if you are unable to eat for a while, it'll help you out on that front. Note that CBD will not give you the munchies.

CBD also helps maintain homeostasis: optimal internal body conditions. Tournaments and competitions are stressful events, and pressure to perform can exacerbate minor stress and stress pains.

Taking a small amount of CBD can help stave off bad juju and keep you performing optimally for longer. While CBD oil is the purest form, there are several ways to ingest CBD based on individual needs and preference.

Keep Focus On Current Task

While it might seem weird to say "keep focus" for ways to keep focus, it's all-too-common for people in tournaments to think about the tournament as a whole, thus losing focus of the current task.

A tournament is actually a series of rounds (or games) that you play, one at a time. It doesn't make sense to focus on the next round, the next game, the next objective when there are things you need to be focusing on presently. By spending time thinking about the future, you lose a lot of valuable mental resources for the present.

So be present, and focus on the task at hand. One long journey is made my taking a thousand tiny steps.

It might seem as though the tips for focusing are very easy and straightforward, but it’s important to remember that we are our own worst enemies.

When you stress out and overthink things, it takes valuable seconds in-game that can give opponents advantages. By mastering focus and building mental fortitude, you can crush the competition!

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